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Accounting - Personal Or Business

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G. Ray Cauthen, Jr., CPA is the place for your small business in the Gainesville, FL area. We offer a number of packages and services to satisfy everyone, whether personal or business related.

Accounting is a specialized field that involves its own unique terminology, techniques, and understanding. It can be a foreign area to those not properly trained in it. Accounting is one of those fields that is commonly confused with bookkeeping. Accounting involves taking information that results from daily transactions and deciphering it. This deciphering involves analyzing and categorizing financial data to result in optimum outcomes.

G. Ray Cauthen, Jr., CPA proudly offers a number of accounting services to Gainesville, FL area businesses. We handle off-site bookkeeping services, which save you the expense of maintaining employees. As any business owner knows, employees require supervision and increase your overall risk level. Hiring us for your off-site bookkeeping needs frees up your time and services. Many firms stay in business due to our valuable accounting services.

You can hire us to help your in-house bookkeeper understand the complexities of your accounting software. We also have the insight needed to guide your in-house accounting department towards properly categorizing and inputting transactions. Turn to us for questions and guidance for choosing software software program for your firm.