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Accounting | G. Ray Cauthen, Jr., CPA

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Financial Planning | G. Ray Cauthen, Jr., CPA

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G. Ray Cauthen, Jr., CPA is the place for residents or visitors in the Gainesville, FL area to go for their money-related needs. With years of experience behind him, our CPA has what it takes to turn your financial fiasco into a realistic, easy-to-understand portfolio.

We place customer service as our main priority. Our highly trained staff stays current with governmental tax rules and regulations, financial planning trends, small business accounting techniques, and a wide variety of other important topics. Our client base consists of all type of business ownerships including sole proprietorships, limited liability corporations, Sub Chapter S, corporations, and partnerships. No business is too small or large for us.

G. Ray Cauthen, Jr., CPA provides information in easy-to-understand terms that everyone can understand. We work with our clients and realize that an informed client is a happy, returning client. Clients feel comfortable contacting us with their accounting, tax reporting, and financial planning questions.

Whether it is for year-end tax preparation, financial planning, or monthly off-site accounting, we have what it takes. Feel free to contact us today to see how we can help!